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You Only Have 15 Days To Protect Your Drivers License after A DWI/DUI Arrest

If you have recently been arrested or charged with driving under the influence (DWI/DUI) in Denton, Cooke, or Wise County Texas, you want an experienced and aggressive attorney to handle your case. A conviction on a Driving White Intoxicated charge can have significant impacts, including the loss of your Drivers License, fines and possibly jail time.

ALR Hearings: Protect Your License

In Denton County and surrounding North Texas counties, driving after consuming alcohol is not an illegal offense, but depending on how much you drink, it can be. DUI/DWI arrests are based on the amount of alcohol you have consumed and the level of impairment you demonstrate to the police officer. So much of a DUI/DWI case rides on whether the arresting officer properly performed his or her job. This can mean the difference between a conviction and a dismissal.

The Hunsucker Legal Group in Denton TX

North Texas DWI & DUI Attorney Ben Hunsucker and his legal team practice criminal defense law with a focus on cases of suspected drunk driving and suspended driver’s license issues in Denton, Cooke, and Wise County. He is a former Assistant District Attorney, which gives him extensive court room experience and a unique perspective of Criminal Law. Texas DWI Attorney Ben Hunsucker understands how emotional a DWI or DUI arrest can be and he offers a personal approach when dealing with his clients. He also understands Texas DWI laws and knows how to get the best result in the Denton, Cooke, & Wise County court systems.

In every drunk driving case, our office examines every facet of the arrest, challenging any mistake in the police officer’s processes and questioning the validity of sobriety tests. At the Hunsucker Legal Group we strive to persuade the State to either reduce the severity of the charge or dismiss the case altogether. We take whatever route will help you avoid DUI/DWI convictions or at the very least minimize the penalties. Put your trust in the Hunsucker Legal Group.

Penalties For DWI Convictions in Denton Can Be Severe

The penalties for driving while intoxicated in North Texas can be severe, including loss of driver’s license, fines, court costs, higher auto insurance rates and possibly jail time. Having a criminal conviction on your public record could impact your ability to find and keep a job.

The process of defending your rights and maintaining your freedom is lengthy and difficult. This is why it is important to get legal help from The Hunsucker Legal Group and ensure your rights are protected.

First Time DUI & DWI Offense

A first-time DUI/DWI offense can be scary and overwhelming. The State of Texas enforces lessened penalties for first-time offenders such as minimum jail time, lower fines, and fewer days for license suspension. The Hunsucker Legal Group understand the challenge you are facing and we are here to help. We have experience helping first-time offenders fight to drop or lessen the charges against them and we will commit to do the same for you. With invaluable assistance and proven strategies, we can help you navigate the complex legalities and achieve the best possible result.

A Hearing Regarding Your Driver’s License Must Be Requested Within 15 Days of Arrest

The zero-tolerance law adopted by the State of Texas allows law-enforcement officers to be highly vigilant on cracking down on underage drinking. The law dictates that anyone under the age of 21 can be charged with DUI if they are in possession of or intoxicated by alcohol. This means that if there is even a minute trace of alcohol in your system, you will most likely be arrested and charged with Driving Under the Influence. The arresting officer also has the choice to escalate your case to a DWI if he or she forms the opinion that you are intoxicated or driving under the influence.

If you have been charged with driving while intoxicated whether it’s your first offense or not, contact the Hunsucker Legal Group for experienced representation. We have your best interest in mind and will do everything in our power to help you achieve the result you need.

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Losing your Drivers License can have serious consequences on other areas of your life, including your ability to work or care for loved ones. You need an experienced Denton DWI attorney who is familiar with the local court system and will help you understand your options, so that you can make informed choices. Request a phone or in office Free Consultation.