Wise County DWI Defense Attorney

If you or a member of your family has recently been charged or arrested in Decatur, Bridgeport, or anywhere in Wise County, Texas, you need to hire an experienced DWI defense attorney like Ben Hunsucker as soon as you can. Whether you were aware of it or not, you only have 15 days to file to protect your license after a DUI or DWI arrest in the state of Texas. Time is of the essence and it’s your future ability to drive on the line. Don’t hesitate, call the Hunsucker Legal Group at 940-484-5000 today to discuss your case.

Protect Your Texas Driver’s License Before It’s Too Late

Throughout Wise county and the rest of North Texas, it is illegal in the state of Texas to operate a motor vehicle after consuming too much alcohol. DWI and DUI charges depend strictly on the amount of alcohol you have consumed with the penalties increasing as the amount imbibed increases.

This is often determined by an officer when they pull you over based upon their evaluation of any impairment to your normal motor functions. In essence, this means much of any DWI or DUI case the state can make against you will rely in large part on how the arresting officer followed proper procedure. If it can be demonstrated in a court of law that they did not, this could be used to completely dismiss the case against you.

Hunsucker Legal Group

For those facing DUI/DWI charges in Decatur, Bridgeport and the rest of Wise County, Texas should call the office of Ben Hunsucker as soon as they know they are facing such charges. Our team can review your arrest and evaluate every aspect of the arresting officer’s report to determine what arguments on your behalf would be best to make in a court of law. In some cases, we can have the severity of the charges being brought against you severely reduced or even dismissed completely.

Possible Penalties for DWI/DUI Convictions in Wise County

Not only do you stand to lose your driver’s license if arrested for a DWI or DUI, but you also face other possible and severe consequences. These, depending on the circumstances and ruling in your case, can include fines, court costs, possible jail time, loss of future career, and higher insurance rates. Simply having a criminal record can present major obstacles to your chosen field. So it is absolutely in your best interest to give our offices a call as soon as you can.

You Have 15 Days to Request a Hearing to Save Your Driver’s License

The state of Texas has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to drunk driving. For this reason, your license will automatically be suspended upon arrest for a DWI or DUI unless you request a hearing to prevent this. The catch? You only have fifteen days from the time of your arrest to file for this hearing or it’s too late.

What’s more, if this is not your first DWI/DUI offense or you are under the age of 21, even more is at stake and your need to seek qualified legal representation only increases.

In Conclusion

In Wise County and throughout the state of Texas, prosecutors are cracking down on drunk driving by prosecuting DWI and DUI offenses to the full extent of the law. The Hunsucker Legal Group helps protect the rights and privileges of Texans in Bridgeport, Decatur and the rest of Wise County with qualified, experienced representation. We will do everything possible to give you the strongest defense we can, but time is of the utmost importance so call 940-484-5000 today.