Fraud and Forgery Defense

While fraud and forgery are similar in definition as both are committed in order to deceive and profit at another’s expense, they do differ slightly in nature. Fraud involves general intent; forgery incorporates a specific purpose and mental state.  For forgery to be considered criminal, the individual must commit it with the intent to delude or defraud another.

Fraud is committed when an individual gains property or money by some design of trickery whether through checks or credit cards, forged documents or deceitful credit applications. While it is not regarded as severely as robbery or burglary in Texas, substantial repercussions can still occur. Depending on the amount taken, fraud moves from misdemeanors incurring state jail time upward to more severe penalties. Forgery is a felony crime and results in heavy fines, incarceration, probation, community service, and sometimes the loss of civil privileges.

Skilled Denton Texas Defense

In fraud and forgery cases, the prosecution relies heavily on document evidence such as signed credit card receipts, checks, credit applications, and even your IP address if the crime was committed online. If you have been charged with a fraud or forgery crime, contact the Hunsucker Legal Group in Denton. With experience, knowledge, and proven strategies, we can help you fight cases like:

  • Check forgery
  • Credit card fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Credit fraud

Though related, these crimes are complex as are the rules that govern them. Therefore, if you or a loved one is currently under investigation for or has been accused of any of these crimes, you need to seek qualified legal representation from an experienced criminal defense team like the one at Hunsucker Legal Group in Denton before you do anything else.

What Happens if You Are Convicted

Depending on the type of fraud and the number of pieces of identifying information used/in possession of, you can be convicted of a State Felony and serve up to 2 years in state jail. The maximum possible charge is a first degree felony which carries with it the possibility of life in state prison.

What’s more, after you’ve served your time, you may find that you can no longer be employed in your chosen field or that you have lost certain rights. To avoid these costly penalties, you must seek experience criminal defense from a reputable team like Hunsucker Legal Group in Denton.

How Hunsucker Legal Group in Denton Can Help

If you are accused of forgery, fraud, or theft in the state of Texas, an experienced and knowledgeable Criminal Defense Team like Hunsucker Legal Group can help you in a number of ways. By providing sound legal counsel and representation, they can help you secure the best possible outcome for your charges – be they a reduced sentence or getting you off completely. For such charges to hold, certain things must be proven in court. So even if you know you feel strongly you are guilty of the charges being brought against you, call our team or legal professionals before you say anything at all to the police or any federal investigators handling your case. Don’t trust your own appraisal of your chances. Instead, give us a call and let us get to work on your behalf.


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