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Being charged with any criminal offense in the Wise County area can have a devastating impact on your professional and personal life. The consequences can impact your family, your career, your finances, and of course, your personal freedoms.

Our office represents clients in all criminal defense matters, including the following:

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Wise County Courthouse

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As soon as the Hunsucker Legal Group is hired to defend you, Wise County defense attorney Ben Hunsucker begins evaluating the evidence to develop an appropriate & aggressive defense strategy that will exploit any weaknesses in the state’s case. Mr. Hunsucker uses his extensive trial experience and the knowledge he gained as a prosecutor to challenge the introduction of evidence, including statements you may have made to law enforcement agents.

The Hunsucker Legal Group Has Been Practicing Law in Wise County Since 2005.

If you, a loved one, or a close friend has been charged with a criminal offense, you need to speak with an experienced Wise County Criminal Defense attorney who will represent you and protect your rights and secure the most positive resolution possible. Contact our office today to schedule free confidential consultation with an experienced Wise County criminal defense attorney.


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