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How You Can Close Your Criminal Record

If you are seeking to erase or seal your criminal record through expunction or non-disclosure, you need to consult an experienced and knowledgeable attorney who understands the differences as well as the impact each can have on your arrest record. Ben Hunsucker and his legal team are veterans in the expungement and non-disclosure processes and can help you navigate the often complicated legal terrain. We will assist you in achieving the result you desire.

Expunction or Expungement

Expunction or expungement is the complete destruction of all paper and digital records from law enforcement and private background check systems and offices. If your case was dismissed or you completed a pre-trial intervention program, legally you are innocent and are eligible for expungement.


Unlike an expunction, an order of nondisclosure is not a complete obliteration of your arrest record, but rather a limitation of access to it. A nondisclosure is a judge’s order to seal your records prohibiting law enforcement, government officials, and private background check companies from divulging your criminal history to the general public. The information still exists, but most individuals will not be able to access it.

The Hunsucker Legal Group can analyze your unique situation and determine which avenue will be best for you. They will explain the effects and consequences of expunction and non-disclosure and help you make the decision necessary for your case.

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